GTA Online – Besra Jet Review


A few weeks ago Rockstar released the 1.16 update known as ” The Flight School Update “, which gave us 3 new air vehicles to buy. All of these 3 were great, but one of them is totally worth the price. The Western Besra, the first buyable jet in the game, is the only (maybe together with the Miljet) thing that was worth to be bought in this update together with some pilot suits and special parachutes. 


The Western Besra costs 1,150,000 $ on the Elias Travel website and is available for purchase at any rank. It has everything a GTA player should want : Speed, Maneuverability and Style, but it doesn’t have any weapons and that’s something that will make players think if they should buy it or not. I guess that the jet with the weapons will be the Hydra, which will be released in some Military DLC ( Speculation : November 11th because it’s Tuesday and Veterans Day in the USA 

You watch my video on Youtube where I showcase it with more details and you can always sub to watch more gaming videos.


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